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Appearing on Google Maps and Google Search is easy if you know how

Google Business Profile is free and allows you to rank on the first page of Google Search and Maps organically.

But there is more:
93% of consumers search Google Maps to find a business.

This is “a great opportunity for local businesses”. Setting up your profile and appearing in local searches sounds like something that you can’t miss.

But, there is fine print…

It can bring you many benefits if you work on your business profile well, especially if you want to gain positions in Google, Google maps and your customers’ searches.

  • First and foremost, respond to reviews and comments from your potential customers because they are the ones who are predisposed to buy or recommend you.

  • Keep your offers, products, or events updated in your own profile.

  • Study the data provided by Google to learn how your customers find you and what actions they take on your profile.

However, your day only has 24 hours and you have a business to run. So, what you need is some extra help to save time.

An online assistant to work for you

To answer reviews, manage and schedule your Google business profile, gain visibility, build trust and generate sales.

Create your free Metricool account now and get started:

  • Schedule updates and photos

    To attract more customers.

  • Plan without the 7-day limit

    Automate your posts without limits.

  • Respond to all your reviews

    From the Metricool dashboard.

  • Create reports in minutes

    For clients, for your team or for you.

  • Bring your data to Looker Studio

    All the information from your profiles in seconds to Looker Studio…

  • Measure to improve

    Posts, how you are found, your locations.

And, not only your Google Business Profile but all the social networks that you manage

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As you can see, Metricool is the most complete operations hub to grow on social media

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