Facebook Remarketing: What it is and how to do it

20 February 2020

Before getting started with your first Facebook Remarketing campaign, let’s start from the foundations. What’s Remarketing?

Do you sometimes feel that the Internet is spying on you? For example, when you are about to buy a product online and in the end you decide not to do it, then you enter Instagram or Facebook and you see that same product on your screen.

This is the perfect example for a remarketing campaign, one of the marketing techniques that the Internet puts at our disposal to increase sales and conversions.

So, how does remarketing work? what’s it about?

What remarketing is

Remarketing is a digital marketing technique that allows us to reach people who visited our website in the past through ads.

That is, you can consider the syllable ‘re’ as return. Hence, remarketing campaigns are optimized to reach people who have visited our website or have downloaded our app.

In other words, it brings past visitors back to your site.

So this is the objective, get those who abandoned your website to return: for example to buy a product that they didn’t buy the first time they visited your web.

How does remarketing work?  
If this concept is not completely clear for you yet, we will explain how it works. The secret is in the cookies. When a person visits a web page, the visit is stored in Facebook ‘cookies’. This information allows you to add users to a Facebook audience that has been previously created. When you run a remarketing campaign, the ad will be displayed to those users who visited your site in the past.  

How to run a Facebook remarketing campaign step by step

As any ad on Facebook or Instagram, it’s very important to design a clear marketing strategy.

What are you waiting for to run your first Facebook remarketing ad?

➡️ Have your Facebook list ready.

First of all, you must have a Facebook fan page.

Then, you must configure the currency, time zone and all the information that is requested.

Create, manage and organize your Facebook campaigns before you say Metricool

➡️ Install Facebook Pixel.

When you insert Facebook pixel, you can measure events and conversions. Don’t think that this is the only thing that you can do with it, it allows you to monitor events and conversions and also helps to create a custom audience.

A crucial aspect for your first remarketing ad.

➡️ Create your custom audience

This step is key but simple. Once you have a Facebook page, in the business manager go to ‘Audiences’ and choose the option ‘Create a Custom Audience’.

Here you can choose the source of the visits received according to the needs of your ad.

For example, if you want to collect data and information about users who visited your site, you will select ‘Website’.

➡️ Create your Facebook remarketing ad

Once you have created and saved your custom audience, it’s time to create your campaign.

Click ‘Create Ad’ to start your remarketing ad of which the objective is usually traffic, reach or conversions.

The rest of the process is the same as a standard ad.

That is: Naming your campaign, choosing a placement (mobile, desktop, Instagram Stories), setting or whether you want an existing publication or create one.

The difference lies within how you choose the audience that will get the ad. You will have to choose the option ‘Custom Audience’ created in the previous step.

Follow the guide below to integrate your remarketing strategy on Facebook.

Facebook Marketing Guide

If you have any question, we will read your comments.

Isabel Romero Isabel Romero , 20 February 2020

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